100% pointless stream!

Well the results were predictable.

predictable disaster

Earthquake destroyed everything.

I know it’s about as interesting as watching security footage, but I was testing if I could actually ‘broadcast’ an application.  In this case, SimCity for Windows 3.0 on Citrix 2.0 in PCem.  I’ll have to mess with Virtual Audio Cables, to rig something to get audio working.

The old AT&T "you will" ad campaign

So while I was looking at an iPad for no real reason, something told me I’d seen this thing before…. Something familiar..

iPad from the 1990s
iPad from the 1990s

Then I remembered this old thing.. The old AT&T you will from the early 1990’s.

The killer in retrospect, is that in the early 1990’s most people were lucky to have pagers, cellphones were bulky and cost prohibitive (lol nothings changed there), I went from a regular pager, to a 2 way pager, then to a nextel, then to a Motorola startac..

Ok, it’s not emulation, but it really is funny to see these future forward things, and how much we take for granted now, and just how… different things changed.