In a round about way I got access to my old build machine

So I was able to get a working qemu 1.5.0 on win32. but it is so slow it really is unusable.

there is still an issue with core-routinewin32, so that has to be built with O1 optimizations, but the disk access is horrifically slow. I’ll have to see how to profile gcc code, but any write disk access spikes the CPU to 100%, and drags the whole thing down.

Oh yeah, gcc 4.6.2

Sysadmin Key Ring

(Note: this is a guest post by Tenox)

I have accumulated a bunch of loose pen drives with different OS installers, imaging and rescue tools. I could never find them when I needed so I have decided to put an order to it. A System Administrator’s Key Ring was born!


This one is Windows centric, however doesn’t have Windows 8 and 2012 yet. I’m now working on Linux key ring with various distributions I use.

Note that I actually do have valid licenses for all the software.

If you want to make your own here is how to make it:

  • Windows media are easiest. Diskpart clean and create an active Fat32 partition. Extract DVD to the USB key.
  • Linux media similar but apart from diskpart and extracting media you need to use Syslinux to create the MBR.
  • For bootable floppies use DiskImager to write the image directly to pen drive.