NetHack now part of the Software Collection at MOMA

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It’s over online display here:

Jean-Christophe Collet made mention of it over on linked in of all places. Link to the article is here. Since I do not have a linked-in account (I was forced to open one at a prior employer, they were an early investor, back when absolutely *nobody* used the thing, before Microsoft had bought them), so I was unable to read the article. But before I had created a smurf account, I found that just switching to incognito mode got me the article in question.

It’s almost crazy to put it in perspective after all these years, but when NetHack became a thing in 1987, the GPL didn’t exist yet, instead opting for the BISON license. There was no NetBSD, nor was there a Net/1 release of BSD, meaning there was no wide-scale free Unix to the Masses.

I’ve tried numerous times to get into it, even playing it a fair bit when I got it running for the x68000. But I never got far, as I’m clearly out of my league. Which is a shame I’m clearly missing out on quite a bit.

Since it’s all news to me, there indeed is a software category over at MOMA. When I did live in New York, I was a member. I did all that artsy stuff, although I’m clearly not the artiste.

Launching Patreon

So yeah, it wasn’t anywhere near as tedious as I thought it would be.

I’ve set prices in Hong Kong dollars, but it claims it’ll re-adjust to your local currency, so it shouldn’t look too crazy as $40 HKD is about $5 USD. After they take all their fees and stuff I get like half. Which I’m not complaining, a week ago it was a big goose egg!

I’ve tried to make the tiers a little fun sounding, although with of course the most important thing we’ve learned on this fun trip is that you absolutely need either an American keyboard, or an Apple branded keyboard to enter recovery mode on a Macintosh while abroad.

As always everything will eventually wind up here. I’ll do some additional collaboration over on Patreon to give it ‘value’ even if it’s just me hitting my head against the wall.

I hate shilling for this kind of thing, ring the bell and click the thing. I’m really embarrassed that it’s come to that here, but like the ads I really don’t have much of a choice at the moment. And of course your direct support by either enabling ads on this page, or signing up just makes it all the easier to keep on through these times, as I’m aware that we are all going through some real fun challenges at the moment.

So a very big preemptive thank you very much, I’m always amazed that whenever I write anything that people read it, and I’m always shocked and amazed to get not only any kind of engagement, but an actual following. Just as I’ve been amazed to have already met so many of you in my travels around the world, through the years!

I would like very much to build on this into bigger things, create more diverse and engaging content, and have some fun doing so!

A big thank-you!


Much regrets to all my loyal fans

It’s come to that point where I’m basically forced to either step up and do a patreon and beg for money, or go the other way and passively shill for ads.

I’ve gone for plan b.

It’s annoying and yeah I know. It sucks.

This trip has… been a challenge, and I have a stack of unfinished crap I need to push out, but frankly i’ve been too lazy to do it.

Maybe I’ll call it depression as it’s more dressed up and sexy.

Anyways I now have far too much kit where I wanted 3 max, and now I have like far too many. Time to get busy with my Chinese soldering iron, patch up some stuff, and get some of this out of the door.

Anyways yeah, people not using blockers will see the ads.

Also today was frought with additional money stress so yeah.. let’s hope this meets in the middle passively.