Booting a PC over serial port via ROM Basic!

Galaxian via Basic over the serial port

I was sent this link while out for vacation:

So this is great for machines that included the seemingly useless ‘casette basic’ as you could maybe shove over something to config the machine, maybe ‘rom dos’ directly into ram to fdisk/format without using disks… Interesting stuff to say the least!


.js like JavaScript?.  YES.  I’m not kidding.  James Friend has whipped up a port of PCE to javascript!

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 3.39.05 PM

Complete with Macintosh, and IBM PC!

Yes, it even runs Wolfenstein 3D!

Yes, it even runs Wolfenstein 3D!

However on my 2006 Mac Pro it is VERY VERY slow.  But then again what would you expect from javascript?

It is far more heavier than jdosbox, but at the same time no pluggins!

I’m still on the fence at the moment about something as heavy as pc emulation in javascript, but it is still fun/neat!

PCE can now run PC/IX and Xenix!

That’s right! from the homepage you can find screenshots, and download links, and ready to run systems too!

Xenix on the XT!

Pretty snazzy as the major hurdle with these old UNIX’en is that they talk directly to the old XT disk controllers, not using the BIOS.. The AT & beyond we got lucky as even in 2012 PC’s still emulate the old WD-1003 controller…

Not that I could imagine *WHY* you would want to run the 8088 version of Xenix (or the 286 version too for that matter) but rest assured you now can.