Speex demonstration

Since people wondered here is a quick demonstration of speex.

Here is an MP3 recorded at 96kbsec it’s 768KB in size, as a raw wav file:

Here it is in speex, at 54kb in size

And again in speex at 29kb in size

So while the ‘narrow’ file sounds ‘bad’ you can understand them, the ‘wide’ version sounds pretty good, and being a fraction of the size is a ‘good thing’ IMHO.

Your submission has been rejected by our reviewers. Please read the notes below regarding your submission:

Reviewer Notes: REJECTED – Issues with plug-in
There appears to be an issue with the plug-in not working with local speex files once an http version is played and shows a messagebox of ‘Speex Error’ – ‘Not a Speex stream’. Restarting Winamp will then play the local file but am sure this shouldn’t be happening. Please fix and then re-submit the fixed version.

Don’t you hate it when you focus so much on the big things you forget the small stuff, like switching between local and remote?


Thankfully the fix was trivial, and only involved one line of code… I spent more time re-building a VM with Visual C++ 4.2 then I did fixing the code & recompiling…

Naturally the download is on the sourceforge page, and I bumped the version to 0.76a … If anyone ever wonders years from now what the deal was… lol

Windows 95 & DLL’s…

I hope nobody ever needs to know this, but I found out the hard way, that dll’s built with Visual C++ 6.0 wont’ load correctly on Windows 95… But luckily Visual C++ 4.2 is still available on MSDN, and the speex files built with only 40 or so changes.

I think I’m finally done with the whole winamp thing.