Mass produced consumer goods are neither rare, nor valuable.

Seriously, I’ve been living under a rock, but 2MMUSD for Super Mario Brothers? Yeah no.

The only nice thing is that eventually there will be a population report, either by the grader, or the ‘investors’ and the prices will absolutely crash.

Remember coins? Sports Cards? Yeah. Pity anyone who legit bought anything for more than $500.

5 thoughts on “Mass produced consumer goods are neither rare, nor valuable.

    • reminds of of Steve Job’s Pancreatic cancer. It was so rare it was easily treatable. Instead he fed it so much sugar it became impossible to treat. Yay!

  1. I think it’s mostly related to the bubblicious money printing policies of the New York Fed (people are also spending stupid amounts on NFTs and real estate), but aside from that, I’m fairly sure that sealed, never-opened copies of SMB really are quite rare…

    • I was going to make this point in the comments on the video… Hard to ignore the correlation between the Fed balance sheet and the s&p 500.

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