Infocom: The Documentary

Infocom (1979-1989) is recognized as the all-time leader in Interactive Fiction, releasing top-selling games and products that dominated the sales charts and still extend considerable influence and memory on the gaming industry. At times they were half of the top ten games being sold and were considered a flagship of the game industry. And then they were gone.

As part of the 2010 documentary GET LAMP, director Jason Scott talked to creators, management, fans and academics about the Infocom story, and produced this 45 minute overview of this unique and wonderful company.

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2 thoughts on “Infocom: The Documentary

  1. Jason was also generous enough to post the unedited interviews of consenting participants:

    In particular I enjoyed
    Debbie Norling, and the story of how they overrode the criteria for admission to a computer programming course for the blind
    Stephen Granade
    Rob Griffiths
    Dan Horn
    Paul O’Brian
    Michael Feir
    Ryan Russel
    Scott Adams
    and Bob Supnik (ex-DEC) again!

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