Happy 4th of July!

No kaboom!

Shockingly no explosions, I was recapping stuff to notice that the PSU I’m using is sliced. Of course a 35 year old PSU runs better. I need some transistors, and maybe some diodes, but I don’t have good access to any at the moment. So weird how 80’s DRAM could need +12/+5/-5v to operate. Oh well.

VOGONS.org turns 20 years old today!

Stiletto had dropped on by to share this amazing milestone!

Today is the 20th anniversary of http://VOGONS.org. I was there helping to brainstorm it into existence in June 2000 at @bravenet on vladr’s VDMSound forums before @zetafleet hosted it, I registered for it on July 1st, and I helped give it its name and “theme”!

Follow the twitter thread here!

For the longest time VOGONS was the place to get information about VDMsound the sound blaster emulator for NTVDM, allowing a far more rich gaming experience on NT, DOSBox, the ubiquitous PC/MS-DOS emulator that is simply everywhere, and of course where I was ‘discovered’ via ‘Quake1 with WATTCP built with DJGPP on DOSBox‘ some 10+ years ago!

So happy 20th to VOGONS!