So a few things …

So after this comment, I decided to put a SIMH VAX running 4.3 BSD.  Back in the day, I used to keep a bunch of legacy systems online for the heck of it.  Although I don’t think it ever really took off.. But yeah I figured I should get something back online.

So this time I thought I’d make it somewhat.. different.. So anyways if you feel so inclined go ahead and telnet to

And from there you can create a user account on the mud, and then it’ll create a user in the operating system.


I’ve loaded up a bunch of 3rd party stuff.. And since we are living in the past I managed to get the old news reader ‘rn’ to talk to  The first time it runs it’ll complain a bunch but there isn’t much you can do except enjoy the ride.

Lynx is present but.. downloading stuff kind of stalls.

All I ask is you play nice.

I’ve added in the flash telnet app.

retromud creeks on.

and on.

retromud web page

retromud web page

I’ve gotten it listed, and gussied up a web page!

But to be honest it seems that version 2 is pretty scarce.. I’ll have to see about what it takes to add more stuff, or maybe an upgrade… I just hope it doesn’t entail replacing the whole OS!

Then again NetBSD 1.2 is possibly old enough….