WAMP server 2.1d

I haven’t checked the list to see what is going on, but WAMP server has gone through yet another permutation…

2.1d x86

2.1d x64

There is some noise on the forum, I think as some of us are rushing sourceforge, we aren’t getting fully formed downloads so there some corruption going on… and other issues…

Considering how popular WAMP is there is no way I could host it…..

Some quake 1 links

Well last night I wanted to test my quake build on a real quake server… So looking around I found this great site, QuakeOne. So I used the full pak files I got from buying Quake (yet again) on steam, and went through and downloaded some mega map download (remember maps go in c:\quake\id1\maps), and combed through the server list and found a few servers to connect to.

The great thing is it worked.

It worked well enough that not only did the DOSBox test worked, but also running it through Qemu and Virtual PC. I configured Qemu & Virtual PC to use their own NAT solution, and they both worked fine. Since the PCAP thing can be a little crazy for DOSBox I’m thinking about trying to merge in the SLiRP code from Qemu into it, to provide ‘user mode networking’… It’s worked well enough for SIMH, so I don’t see why not.

Oh and speaking of quake, Qaddicted has some great information as well.

Quake1 with WATTCP built with DJGPP on DOSBox


As far as I know this was never done, as the world at large moved away from MS-DOS, and of course when Quake 1 on MS-DOS was popular they weren’t exactly giving out the source… Such a shame the DLM thing was lost in the shuffle as DLL’s on DJGPP/MS-DOS could have made quake more modular..

So what I’ve done, is I’ve used an ancient version of cygwin that I was playing around with line, and built a cross compiler for DJGPP. Then using that I’ve built the latest version of Watt-32 tcp/ip with it, then I took my build of Quake 1 on DJGPP, and built quake to use the net_bsd, net_udp, net_dgrm services, and added in the needed hooks for Watt-32 TCP/IP. And to their credit, I just added a single function call to both protocols init functions, and a single function to the general network poll function. All and all I think it’s 3 lines I changed.

Then to test, I used an older copy of DOSBox that included a virtual NE2000 that binds onto a physical interface via libpcap, loaded up the packet ne2000 driver, and ran the client!

For a server, I used the much older, quake dedicated server I had built to run on Windows NT 3.1. Although I never did automatically turn on the ‘-dedicated’ flag for some reason…

On the Windows XP virtual machine, I installed a loopback adapter, then set it up with internet connection sharing so that XP would act as a DHCP server to the Watt-32 TCP/IP stack.

Anyways, as you can see in the picture I connected a simple sniffer, WinDump to watch the packets, and it worked.

I’m still blown away that it worked on the first shot.

It’s really a testament to all the people that make all the moving parts here, when I can just string stuff along and get it to work.

For anyone daring enough, this zip contains all the source, and binaries of all the parts, except for the cygwin install. (I did have to poach a ‘modern’ cygwin1.dll from a modern install).



So years ago there was this great free TCP/IP package out of the University of Waterloo (CANADA!) called WATTCP. And then later it was ported to DJGPP and named Watt-32 TCP/IP.

The sad thing is that as the years have gone by, this kind of stuff has slipped away, and is nearly all lost.

But thanks to the internet archive yet again, I’ve been able to pull out some key stuff, and google a bunch more of it out…


And of course the older wattcp:

So thats one of the manual sets, a binary set, and a source set. I guess the thing that really matters is that the source set seems to be the last version..

Wattcp relied on a packet driver, in which to communicate with the outside world. I know there is SLIP/PPP and all kinds if NIC drivers out there..

So I went ahead and snagged the driver for Virtual PC’s NIC, then running the DOS-Telnet client, I went ahead and connected to a SIMH Vax running BSD…

And it works pretty well.

I’ll have to walk through some of the code and produce something more… interesting.

At any rate, I hope this will help anyone trying to do some embedded work around MS-DOS & DJGPP.

— edit
While browsing the list at www.bttr-software.de I found the new Watt-32 home page…. So it’s good news, but strange that google seems to have not picked up on it, or other people…

Zork on the IBM Mainframe (VM/370 CMS) it lives!

There we have it, after a LOT of fighting the emulators, missing bits, LOTS of help the hercules-os380 mailing list, and the EXCEPTIONAL of one Paul Edwards, and it’s running.

It seems to be Dungeon version 1.2C

read news
01-MAR-81 Late Dungeon Edition
This is a version of Zork on VM/370

The problems with it are:
-Lack of an endgame.
-Simple parser (no compound sentences).
-Numerous bugs and spelling errors.
But so what.

If you encounter problems or find logic, spelling, or usage bugs,
keep them to yourself.


It’s a little odd playing zork on a mainframe…