Some quake 1 links

Well last night I wanted to test my quake build on a real quake server… So looking around I found this great site, QuakeOne. So I used the full pak files I got from buying Quake (yet again) on steam, and went through and downloaded some mega map download (remember maps go in c:\quake\id1\maps), and combed through the server list and found a few servers to connect to.

The great thing is it worked.

It worked well enough that not only did the DOSBox test worked, but also running it through Qemu and Virtual PC. I configured Qemu & Virtual PC to use their own NAT solution, and they both worked fine. Since the PCAP thing can be a little crazy for DOSBox I’m thinking about trying to merge in the SLiRP code from Qemu into it, to provide ‘user mode networking’… It’s worked well enough for SIMH, so I don’t see why not.

Oh and speaking of quake, Qaddicted has some great information as well.

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