Zork on the IBM Mainframe (VM/370 CMS) it lives!

There we have it, after a LOT of fighting the emulators, missing bits, LOTS of help the hercules-os380 mailing list, and the EXCEPTIONAL of one Paul Edwards, and it’s running.

It seems to be Dungeon version 1.2C

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01-MAR-81 Late Dungeon Edition
This is a version of Zork on VM/370

The problems with it are:
-Lack of an endgame.
-Simple parser (no compound sentences).
-Numerous bugs and spelling errors.
But so what.

If you encounter problems or find logic, spelling, or usage bugs,
keep them to yourself.


It’s a little odd playing zork on a mainframe…

4 thoughts on “Zork on the IBM Mainframe (VM/370 CMS) it lives!

  1. I like DOS 🙂
    today i have created MSDOS 5.0 in VM Machin Oracle
    40 MB HD 16 MB RAm
    me is looking for DOSbox under Linux
    i do not like goougle
    i do not like faesbook
    GOD bless all sheep
    in Jesus Name


  2. While I was working at Mountain Bell in Denver – circa 1987 – we played Zork on an Amdahl mainframe running CMS under VM. That was the first time I became immersed in a computer game.

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