In a round about way I got access to my old build machine

So I was able to get a working qemu 1.5.0 on win32. but it is so slow it really is unusable.

there is still an issue with core-routinewin32, so that has to be built with O1 optimizations, but the disk access is horrifically slow. I’ll have to see how to profile gcc code, but any write disk access spikes the CPU to 100%, and drags the whole thing down.

Oh yeah, gcc 4.6.2

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  1. strange, for me, Qemu 1.5.50 (and 1.5.0) work fine and they are very fast, either you have an outdated version of gcc or a bad mingw environment and you have to start from scratch.

    • LLVM is all the rage on OS X, and that works. I should kick out a build before I have to pack it away. Although I’m going to take my Mac Pro with me this time. even though it weighs a tonne. I was hoping that Apple would have released a new Mac Pro by now, but my 2006 is still trucking along just fine.

      Overplay got me out the great firewall just fine, although their Hong Kong services are not working. It would be cool to get a job in HK doing internet infrastructure stuff, but I don’t know if they would want me. But I’ll certainly give it a shot.

      • Networking was never something I was good at. The MPs are also getting long in the tooth. Knowing Apple’s seeming suicide in the professional market, if they don’t bring Haswell now, the MPs are dead forever.

        HK seems pretty cool, like Cyberpunk Lite sorta.

  2. I was able to run Windows XP x64 on Qemu 1.2.2 successfully (and 1.5.0, but I prefer the former for the best compatibility for older guests from the 1990s), with a patch in cpu.c in the “target-i386” directory of the 1.2.2 source code.

    • what is the patch….?

      I’m still not sure why my builds on OS X & Win32 stall after a few megabytes of disk writes.. Can you show the output after configure has run with your build setup?

      • I simply used “./configure –target-list=i386-softmmu,mips64el-softmmu,x86_64-softmmu” then “make” (but I also used your build guide but I slightly modified it about glib2 without pkg-config)

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