So there has been a problem

I’ve been on the road for a few months, basically in exile. I’ve downsized my once large online presence to a desktop in an office I’m still obligated to for rent and internet. So my i7 workstation had been up to the task, although it seems I didn’t have the right power settings to turn back on from a power failure.

So now I’m faced with a stale backup as i can’t find my currents. so yeah content has been lost. So i also don’t want to race back to a single point of failure, so once more again I’m going to try a cloud. Microsoft keeps sending me these $200 trial things so i thought I would try it. There is a large learning curve about their networks , and deployments. although there is a bunch of ”shake and bake” deployments to speed things along. As always the key is reading the documents.

I still have a lot of stuff to upload, so for the moment the database is restored but there is a lot of messing around needed for the the old layout.

So appologies for the mess.

Special thanks for Tenox for helping me with all kinds of issues, and support from my muse.

Its always darker before its bright, and its already getting dark in northern Europe.

Facebook tracks users through the ‘like’ buttons…

ouch, apparently even if you logout, you’ll still be tracked by sites that have the ‘like’ button…

Well that just sounds creepy so I’ll remove them from my site.  I don’t think there was all that many people mentioning this blog on facebook outside of some brief ‘save officer spock‘ thing but at the same point I don’t want to participate in some larger big brother thing.

I just hope G+ doesn’t do anything like that (haha!)

So this VM walks into a bar…

He looks at the selection, and is impressed, they have virtually everything he could ever imagine.

OK, I saw this shamelessly come through on google…
And I must admit, I really don’t have one.  But I did find a funny picture in an ancient OS/2 SDK, from Microsoft…


From the OS/2 1.1 SDK

Heh.  Then again zippy the pinhead was quite popular in the 80s.
Yow!  Did something bad happen or am I in a drive-in movie??

Which sure does remind me of stuff like this…

Whole lot of virtualization going on!

Emulators in emulators, in emulators in emulators… (XP in Virtual PC, Windows 95 in Qemu, MacOS in Mini vMac, MS-DOS in SoftPC)..  It reminds me of  Inception