.js like JavaScript?.  YES.  I’m not kidding.  James Friend has whipped up a port of PCE to javascript!

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 3.39.05 PM

Complete with Macintosh, and IBM PC!

Yes, it even runs Wolfenstein 3D!

Yes, it even runs Wolfenstein 3D!

However on my 2006 Mac Pro it is VERY VERY slow.  But then again what would you expect from javascript?

It is far more heavier than jdosbox, but at the same time no pluggins!

I’m still on the fence at the moment about something as heavy as pc emulation in javascript, but it is still fun/neat!

5 thoughts on “PCE.js

  1. I’ve always been meaning to have a go with PCE.

    The PC Emulation wasn’t much go on my i7-2600 under Firefox, but the Mac Plus emulation certainly seemed spot on performance wise. Actually a fair bit faster as the disk emulation is nice and quick.

    From memory PCE on the Mac Plus side actually does the SCSI and SWIM emulation rather than patching the ROM, which is quite cool.

      • Well on the Amiga front with the latest WinUAE it can happily run AMIX & NetBSD so the 68030 MMU code seems to be in place. I would assume if PCE.js actually emulates the SWIM & SCSI then there may be hope some day of someone being able to combine all the bits and make a real Macintosh II emulator (although I loved the Quadra 700’s..)

        Then you can A/UX away. I kind of liked A/UX, it was Unix, but it felt very MacOS’ey. Kind of like OS X. I would have imagined they could have made it more universal, but the SYSV licensing must have killed them. Which is probably the fundamental reason why NeXTSTEP was BSD/Mach based for cheaper licensing….. that and the whole mach rage of the late 1980s.

        • MESS has the best chance of running A/UX compared with any other emulator at the moment. It’s certainly a very capable Mac II emulator with NuBUS card emulation, etc.

          • I know the one funny thing mess is lacking is high density disks….

            I’m not sure about cdroms though.

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