Amsterdam Airport Schiphol – Operational issues 

Trust the warning

Dont fly here if you can avoid it. expect lots of lines, lots of waiting and finding out it was the wrong line, or you didn’t need to wait heree. its super disorganised . dont come here.

6 thoughts on “Amsterdam Airport Schiphol – Operational issues 

    • It’s totally out of control. and showing up early wont help as the first hoop is for people to be only 4 hours early. Also if you online check-in then make sure you start at the security line, in terminal 2 there is tents going way outside of the airport, and that is the start of the security line. I was there at 630am and made the gate around 910 for the 930 flight. So it’s kind of dooable but the lines are so long and utterly unmanaged, that its easy to go to the wrong place, and the staff is more concerned about talking to each other, rather than helping people.

      They must have fired everyone who worked there before, or who has ever ridden on a plane.

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