Merry Christmas (belated)

It’s been… a long day.

And the near end of 2011.  I’ve been busy this end of year so I must appologize for the lack of content this time of year.  I’ve succeeded in a goal of creating far more content this year, although I’m not all that sure just how… long lasting impact I guess that is left to be seen.

Looking at my top queries I can see that people being driven here are looking for things near & dear to me… such as

  • Qemu 1.0 MinGW on Windows
  • SegaCD on old school hardware (yeah!)
  • Resetting wifi passwords on MacOS … I’d assume its in the control panel, but now that I’m on AMD I’m Mac less. sorry.
  • Snoopy Calendars
  • C++ On Windows Penalty Box.. … LOL Windows isn’t OS/2 1.x there is no ‘pentaly’ box, but both NTVDM & DosBOS provide a pretty snazzy MS-DOS environment.
  • Windoom! (Yippie, add in Win32s!)
  • trade wars…
  • Qemu SCSI … touch & go…
  • NetBSD Qemu SPARC … if you had a real SPARC would you run NetBSD?  I wish I could load the 64bit stuff, but… talk about fringe of a fringe.
  • WAMP … Fun, free and FAST hosting on Windows

I suppose all in all these are good things, as I’ve touched on all of this stuff this year.

Now after the blogger failure of last year, I’m glad my is going, and going strong! …

I’m not sure where 2012 will be taking me, but looking back last year to running Zork/Dungeon on the IBM 370 Mainframe, I can only hope in a nostalgic way that next year is filled with some good 68000 fun.

Best wishes to all, and to all a goooood night!


ML648s & video files…

So I got one of these ML648s video players for christmas. And it says it’ll play WMV/WMA files so it seems to be pretty straight forward to convert stuff right?


Right now I’m taking the output from handbrake and passing it through AMV convert then copy it to the device from windows explorer and you are good to go!

It’s a shame they didn’t write on the box, that it needs this AMV format thing….

But after a LOT of googling around here is the solution.