Microsoft vs Google.

So I log onto an older XP VM, hit google, and blamo,  Google Exploit:JS/Blacole.BW .. What on earth is that? is google infected…???

So it seems this is just a false alarm, update your definitions and it’ll take care of the ‘problem’ …. But you have to wonder is there really someone on google, that MS forgot to whitelist..?  Much like how antivirus / spyware products will not show you government spyware…

Oh brave new world.

BBS is back online… again!

Well it certainly is the trade off, hosting  in the ‘cloud’ means you really don’t own anything.  But at the same time it’s not subject to my less than par power, internet connection…

But as long as you remember to backup you can always fish data out, and get back online.  So I think its about a week stale, but its a heck of a lot better than down completely.

And I’ve got to rave about BlueVM, I was kind of bummed about my last VPS basically going under so I was thinking about giving up all together, when I found this offer for $1.50 USD a month!  So how could I go wrong??  So far the server feels nice & snappy, my Qemu processes is running without issue, and its already completed a sync with and I’m sure it’ll get back onto the list.

For people with flash enabled browsers, click here or just telnet to ..