Spent some more time messing with NetHack 1.3d revived

1.3d revived and reloaded

1.3d revived and reloaded

And now it runs on Windows 10 (probably lots of Windows NT as well) thanks to EMX+RSXNT.

I put a Windows binary build on sourceforge, with the needed termcap and rsxnt.dll to run.  It works best if installed into the root of a drive, but it doesn’t matter which drive letter (I suppose you could even use subst).  I was patching around the stock NetHack 1.3d, but considering the weird issues I was having with it ‘mostly’ working, it was easier to just lean on the NetHack 1.3d revived project.  I should also say this is what I also used to get NetHack 1.3d running on the x68000.

I’ve been able to save, restore and go up, down and even die without it crashing so it seems OK to me.

It’s kind of cool to build it with GCC 1.40 on Windows 10, and get a native executable.  Maybe pointless in the golden age of emulation / virtualization as you could just as easily build stock 1.3d on a 4.2 BSD VAX, or even 386BSD 0.1 system.

Maybe I’ll finish the work to see if I can get it running on OS/2 or MS-DOS via EMX, but for now the project stuff is on sourceforge.net

4 thoughts on “Spent some more time messing with NetHack 1.3d revived

  1. Download the nethack-1.3d-revived-reloaded file, run the run.bat but only to be told that “Terminal must backspace.” Search the Internet and find nothing useful about that. Could you please help? Thx!!!

    • you need to make sure it’s at the root of a drive (I dont think it matters which).

      Since this uses RSX which is a a port of EMX to Windows NT, it has a very ‘unix’ like dependency to finding it’s termcap database.

      set TERM=mono
      set TERMCAP=/nethack/etc/termcap.dat

      So it needs to be able to find c:\nethack\etc\termcap.dat for example.

      If it cannot find it’self it’ll print the infamous “Terminal must backspace.”

      I hope this helps.

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