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Just saw mention of this, the Nintendo Classic Mini

It includes a USB controller, HDMI, and you have to bring your own USB +5v power supply. It’ll come with 30 pack in games, but no mention of any additional games.

The only thing that stuck out to me is that Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!,  is reverted back to the original Japanese Mr Dream.  Kind of lame, but I guess that is licensing for you.

There is more information at the Nintendo page, with a shipping date of November 11th, 2016 for the UK.

3 thoughts on “Nintendo Classic Mini

  1. Would be interesting if someone could modify the mini console for exchanging ROM content at least, some of the beloved classics like Gyruss are missing 🙁
    At least modern HDMI video is offered, but I fear only one super integrated chip is used, and almost nothing else.
    Also, even the power supply is missing, not much for your money.

    • Well we have a ways to go until November, so time will tell.

      In the meantime I do have a famicom, and a retrofreak, so I’m good in those regards.

  2. I would prefer save a bit more money and buy a MiST FPGA outright for this xmas season. It would give me not only a NES, but an AMIGA, C64, Spectrum, etc etc.

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