Peter’s Sun3 Zoo (restored)

Sometimes there is a great seemingly timeless resource on the internet, and you pull from it from time to time, make giant compilations, but never really reach out to the creator, or just archive the entire thing.

Then the unspeakable happens and it just up’s and disappears.

I never reached out to Peter Koch, to even thank him for preserving so much, or to apologise for not preserving his site, for some reason it felt like someone else would have done a better job. But then sometimes you find out you were that one person, and you didn’t do it, so you didn’t do it.

I don’t know the story, but it seems Peter did know that it was coming to and end.

May 01 2010 – Ending

Dear friends!

I have to give up my collection.

So if you’re interested in some pieces or know someone who might, please send me an e-mail.

Peter – Sun3 Zoo

So I’ll put in a call for help for the world at wide? Did anyone save anything more comprehensive than what was in, or what was in the ‘Titor Special‘?

In the meantime, the site has a new owner, and it’s been restored.

Peter’s Sun3 Zoo –

If anyone has any stories or anything preserved it’d be appreciated. There was at least a few parties, and party3, with party2 missing.


2 thoughts on “Peter’s Sun3 Zoo (restored)

  1. Minor correction: “/parties” actual links to the “2nd party”, so in reality not nr. 2 is missing, but nr. 1
    Peter offered parts of his collection to me too, back then, too bad that it was too short notice to organize a haul (several hundred kms for me).
    It is another lesson for the preservationist that you can sometimes prolong things, but never conserve (reliably).

  2. Peter is such a nice guy and it was sad to see that he had to let go of his collection of Sun machines. I have one of the machines from his collection – a Sun 3/80 – and know that a lot of the other machines he had found a good new home. Unfortunately, I haven’t heard from Peter in years, I hope he’s doing well…

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