Connecting NT 4.0 clients to a SAMBA 4.17.9-Debian server

This is a brief but annoying thing.

I want to have an internet server that people can map drives to, for copying data in/out for the upcoming Dec Alpha AXP64 building extravaganza! I wan tot use my Dec Alpha for building since it’s got a gigabyte of RAM. One of the hard parts is that NT 4 is beyond obsolete, and twice as much on the DEC Alpha. I was figuring renting a VPS, and using it as a SAMBA server so people can simply map a drive from home, copy files to the VPS, terminal server to the Alpha, and copy files to & from the internet. Easy right?!

I was non stop getting this error:

System error 1326 has occurred.

Login failure: unknown user name or bad password.

Except I knew the username & password was correct.

The key part involved a few parameters to get it working. Although many people reported success by simply setting the protocol level, for me I had to set that and the lanman/ntlm auth to yes. Trying to enable NT4 compatible encryption didn’t work either.

   workgroup = WORKGROUP
   server min protocol = NT1
   client min protocol = NT1
   lanman auth=yes
   ntlm auth=yes

I’m not sure if it’s all that helpful to the world at large, or if it’s just super common knowledge, but I haven’t setup SAMBA in like forever. I guess I could go one further and join it to the domain but that doesn’t seem like it’s all that needed or all that smart.

4 thoughts on “Connecting NT 4.0 clients to a SAMBA 4.17.9-Debian server

  1. You shouldn’t need lanman as that’s for dos/win9x, NT4 should happily speak NTLMv1, or even NTLMv2 if you have NT4/sp4 or higher.
    What you do need however is SMBv1, as you won’t have support for SMBv2/SMBv3. Newer versions of win10+ will refuse to use SMBv1 by default so you’ll also need newer versions supported on the samba server if you want to share files between those hosts.

    • Thats a good idea, I should try some old lanman os/2 or dos client! I wasn’t even thinking of stuff that old!

      I just use a Windows NT 4.0 server with AppleTalk & NetWare services for old stuff, but for some reason I wasn’t thinking of LanMan. I do have NetBEUI enabled, but I don’t think SAMBA ever supported that.

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