Cockatrice III 0.5a update

Here’s to US!

Well this is a ‘small’ update, but with a big change, the audio is for the most part working great now thanks to this fix from rakslice. Namely changing SDL to MSB:

desired.format = AUDIO_S16MSB;

And another MinGW tweak, and yeah it’s GREAT!

Even stuff like RealAudio work now! I’ll add some self hosted video later as it’d just get struck from anything public.

Also since the RealAudio player is timebombed for installing, I added some lazy offset to remove however many billions of ticks from the clock letting you jump in some random point in the past when it won’t care.

I guess the final if any justification for a bump would be rebuilding with GCC 8.1.0 on MinGW. I somehow butchered the slirp.h to make it too MinGW’ish so it won’t clean build on Linux or OS X, but I have re-butchered a private branch and it works.. I just need to merge and clean but I’m not in the mood at the moment.

I could be crazy but it “feels” faster.

At any rate, I found that System 7 is more agreeable to running Return to Zork, just use some toast image mounter from within MacOS, and it’ll run!

Also there is some ULONGLONG weirdness going on, so I had to backout Peter’s changes for larger disks. No doubt some standard type thing change in GCC 8.

You can download binaries/source from Sourceforge.

Download Cockatrice III
Download Cockatrice III

9 thoughts on “Cockatrice III 0.5a update

  1. Great, hoping to have a play with the updated version this weekend. I’ll try and take a look at the large disk support. My original intent was for physical device passthrough (I was pulling data off some old Syquest disks), but if you’re building for Linux and OS X it’s probably too much of a pita to keep that around.

    • It needs help, something was clearly overflowing, even for sub 2GB disks.

      Honestly I didn’t have time at the moment sadly I’ve been changing lifestyle/ carrier and only get a little time…. although winter is probably going to be slow.

      Try the audio though, I was really amazed at RealAudio!

      • Oh looking forward to it! I spent ages trying debug the encoding settings for 68ktube only to realise it was something up in cockatrice.

        • Even MIDI plays now in QuickTime… But there is clearly some weird timing issues.

          It could be an artifact of 0.8 or the poor SDL stuff I did.

          I probably will move to SDL 2 anyway

      • Can you make it work under a CLI installation of Linux (Debian 10+ preferred), or under FreeDOS (current version) ? Serious question.

        Beware of sarcastic, but harmless humor ahead, no offense intended, contact me if you have objections:

        We shall have to discuss renumeration, sir, but being you are a neighbor to the north, (YES, I am American, and I refuse to butcher decent words by adding a useless “U” to them like color!, and my friends from Canadia use words like Canuckistan and hoser in jest), renumeration might consist of a pinky swear to not repeat the war of 1812 and restore most of Canada to the Louisiana Cajuns, so there are again MORE French speakers in Canada than English! And since we revolted from Mad George III, and yours said “whatev”, we only like Brits who beg for help in TWO world wars, AND in NATO, and never pretend they have ANY AUTHORITY OR RIGHTS ANYWHERE IN North America, except what we give them, generously.
        /end sarcastic humor

  2. Hi, excellent emulator. Just trying it for the firs time.

    Just one question: how can you sideload .sit files to the disk? I want to try MachTen 2.2 in your emulator.

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