Philip Pemberton’s 3B1 emulator moved

It’s been a while since I played with Philip Pemberton’s excellent emulator, however the source code has been moved to github

As a nice bonus it’s been updated to build against the newer source drops of Karl Stenerud’s Musashi.

The Makefile is so nice it chains in c files from sub-directories to build, which unfortunately it doesn’t work so well with the latest Musashi. Like a bull charging into the China shop I just smashed together a build script, and got a working exe:

And it’s so nice to see it actually boot up.

Things like the C compiler still break, apparently the 6100 had an actual physical memory buffer for IPC? It’s all so confusing.

Not that mine is all that great but my crap fork is here:

9 thoughts on “Philip Pemberton’s 3B1 emulator moved

  1. I was able to get cc working after much investigation and wracking my head. Turns out the issue was a 32-bit write that was straddling two mem pages and proper pagefaulting wasn’t occurring. cc is working! But honestly I still can’t get the system to boot properly during the 12-disk install process — I get a hang after the “your screen will now be setup” after the “to use your telephone” popup… pretty frustrating. I had to use your hd.img, thanks for posting! otherwise I wouldn’t have ever been able to get into the system

    • Yeah it’s probing for hardware that doesn’t exist in the emulator but is built into the machine..

      It’s exciting that you got the c compiler running, is there a patch somewhere??

  2. yeah that /dev/ph0 is pretty frustrating. i can’t tell exactly where it hangs in the install. .modeminit doesn’t seem to hang, but attempting to run .phclr seems to hang when I run it on your hd.img. So .phclr may be the problem during the install process.

    The fix for cc has been integrated into the gitbhub (

    • Awesome I just re-built it, and yep the C compiler is running! Also you can vi bigger files, and whatnot, it’s overall so much more stable!

      Now to copy over some ‘useful’ stuff like gzip, nethack, and f2c… !

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