NetBSD 1.0 i386

It had just hit me that I’d never actually installed NetBSD 1.0

So here we go!  For whatever reason Qemu and NetBSD 1.0 see the floppy as a 1.2 MB, so I had to make 1.2 MB images.  For anyone feeling like shuffling a whole lot of floppies here you go!

For everyone else, here is a pre-installed VMDK + Qemu all set to run (for Windows).

I’ve setup the networking, so you can telnet into the VM, and of course access outside, but remember with SLiRP, things like FTP & NFS aren’t going to work.

NetBSD 1.0 on Qemu
NetBSD 1.0 on Qemu

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3 thoughts on “NetBSD 1.0 i386”

    1. Looking at the changelogs, NetBSD 4.0 removed 386 support from the GENERIC and INSTALL kernels, but kept it in other configurations like GENERIC_TINY. 5.0 got rid of 386 support entirely. So your best bet is to install NetBSD 3.1. You could try upgrading to 4.0.1 from sources, but that probably isn’t worth the effort.

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