NetBSD 0.8 archive found!

Although I haven’t gone through this yet, I need to get some different video cables, and perhaps a monitor for my Mac Pro which has my VMWare stuff on it. Although at the same time as a past cube owner, I’m really digging the new Mac Pro design. I guess it all comes down to me finding a job in HK.

The best part about this, is that it was located by a READER. As much as I try to do everything myself, believe it or not, user contributions go a long long way. And I am greatly appreciative of it. I do need to setup my exchange server..

Anyways for the two or three people who dig this kind of thing, here is the old NetBSD 0.8 archive dump.


17 thoughts on “NetBSD 0.8 archive found!

      • I just hope you can secure it before exposing it to the internet.

        Most RDP brute forcers can’t jump over the RDPv4 only hurdle when we had the NT4 TSE up, so maybe Exchange 5.5 wins security through oldness.

        • I fronted it with a linux email relay which also did a bunch of spam filtering. Even in 1997 I wouldn’t put an Exchange server directly onto the internet.. Even if the firewall simply forwarded every message in/out of the exchange server, it was just too popular (vulnerable) to attack.

          But Exchange 5.5 & Outlook 98 work pretty good IMHO. Outlook 2003/Exchange 2003 were only slight improvements offering the ability for the client to connect over HTTPS, although with 2010 & 2012 they have taken something that worked, and really done their best to screw it up.

          Also it is kind of funny that Exchange doesn’t use SQL for the backend, but rather Access MDB style databases. God help you if you have to repair corruption, it is a game over event.

          • Outlook 98 is indeed great. Fixed what was wrong with 97, pretty well. If you notice through 2003, there’s very little improvement in the core apps, except Outlook can do IMAP, and I do have a soft spot for InfoPath.

            Also, Exchange ActiveSync is interesting to me, because it’s the only well-supported cross-platform mobile sync protocol. Which is kinda sad, actually.

  1. Excellent. I’ve been poking around the history of 386BSD/NetBSD/FreeBSD and BSD in general, so this ought to fill one gap.

    Incidentally, I’ve not been able to find the diffs relative to Net/2 (or whatever it was) which were supposed to come with 386BSD 0.0/0.1. Any idea where those might be hiding?

        • I have to wonder if it ever happened. So much seemed to have been planed out for 386BSD that just didn’t happen. I guess the end goal was the book with 386BSD 1.0 although by the time that happened, net & free were well underway.

          • Based on the information in FAQs etc., there was quite bit on that appears to be lost.

            Anyway, I assume you’ve seen 386BSD 1.0… it was in some areas very different from 0.0/1.0 and plainly stated that it’s “not intended to be used on production or commercial systems”. Bill Jolitz clearly had ideas about what 386BSD should be that were very different from the users’ wishes and expectations. Which is why FreeBSD is now at version 9 and 386BSD is not 🙂

  2. Hi, sorry for bothering. I’m obsessed in building old stuffs in virtual machines these days. Now working on netbsd-0.8. Searched the internet and no luck for this particular version.
    I mean source codes can be found and cvs may also be found (386bsd 0.1 + 0.2.2 patchkits —> netbsd-0.8), but the direct boot floppy disks are nowhere to be downloaded. (the link seems to be dead for now) I guess it could be the license issue that makes this version is not so popularly spreading so far.
    Can you please share with me a copy of netbsd-0.8 installation tar ball? (just for leaning and hobby)
    Thank you in advance.

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