NetBSD/Sparc conference in Japan 3/20

Too bad I can’t be there…

Sorry guys, still in Hong Kong, I won’t be in Japan until May/June.

2 thoughts on “NetBSD/Sparc conference in Japan 3/20

  1. At first I was jealous that they reference you (who wrote how-to boot NetBSD/sparc under QEMU) and don’t reference me (I mentioned booting NetBSD on the QEMU mailing list a few times as I was working on booting it).

    Then I re-read your post and found something amazing: QEMU can load NetBSD kernel using the ‘-kernel’ option! It’s a cool feature (I always thought it’s linux-only) and it’s really cool that you’ve found and wrote about it. Thanks a lot!

    This motivates me to send a couple patches upstream to make booting a NetBSD/sparc64 kernel possible this way.

    Have you also played with the -initrd option? If it works too, it would be possible to have sort of functional NetBSD/sparc64 the way current Linux/sparc64 works under QEMU.

    Btw, are there any materials from this conference available on the net?

    • You can load all kinds of blob things with -kernel although if they work is a whole different matter… I think they just found me through google? I can’t say that I’m any SPARC clearinghouse of awesomeness..

      I haven’t tried -initrd with non linux kernels, as I figured they wouldn’t work, Ive just used kernels that have a built in image.

      I haven’t seen any material from this event, maybe they’ll have something although I think it is more of a ‘check this out’ type thing.

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