4 thoughts on “So what the heck, I’m taking on a sponsor!

  1. Great!!! Was wondering where Google Ads were or something…
    Put up a donation box / server’s cost etc. as well. You deserve it 🙂
    Great stuff man.

    • lol nah I’m only paying $7 a month so it’s no big deal, but I saw this “adult cat finder” popup a spoof of the “adult friend finder” porn nonsense, and I thought it was pretty funny.

      I need to review some android devices I’ve found in HK, a $199 HKD HDMI ‘dongal’ computer, and a $400 HKD tablet.. It is crazy how cheap they can crank out some android stuff now.

      I like the HDMI one, as it is the size of a memory stick, but it is a full Android! I’m interested to see how it plays with USB game pads, and some emulators. Sadly it dosn’t like my USB keyboard, nor does it seem to have bluetooth… But for a sub $50 USD computer, can you really complain????

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