Today is Starfield day!

And there is a map of all the locales and when the launch. I was busy working and didn’t notice that Hong Kong had already launched.

many geo zones!

Thankfully I did get a payment voucher which fully covered the super fancy edition. Sadly there was no option for GPU’s so I’m going to try this with an OG 6GB GTX Titan.

It was a bit weird to figure out if I could run the game or not but I did get a pop up that today was the day so I guess so.

0% verified

I’ll have no choice but to update as it goes, so nothing yet to report.

I’m just hoping it’s not the hollow world experience of Fallout 76.

After all that downloading, turns out it doesn’t like my video card at all.

So yeah GTX 1070ti minimum. wow.

So I abused a work machine that ironically has a decent mobile GPU. swapped some storage and booted into the game, played a few hours.. And yeah

Old tyme Bethesda quality

When |I could, I took a detour to Earth’s moon, and went out for a walk. Naturally there was a base less then half a click away, and naturally it had 30 insurgents automatically hostile. What a vast but populated world. And then the NPC following me around suddenly took off her space suit, and broke the whole thing. I wanted to maybe get an ARC but apparente it doesn’t run at all on ARC. Seems kinda fishy to me tho. NVIDIA released a new driver like today for the special launch. I don’t know if there will be any fallout.

2 thoughts on “Today is Starfield day!

  1. I have read negative reviews, like the lack of proper space travel or shallow story with a few different groups. For me, nothing beats Master of Orion or Elite on the Amiga for some real nostalgy.
    Also, the requirements are too high for me, have gamedves lost the options like low definition or small textures?

    • Indeed, its constant loading screens. I feel stupid to have tried to fly to a planet and you don’t get any closer to it. It’s so clunky to launch, (sound in a vacuum too!), select system, planet, then land …. and every time broken by landing screens. Also, while looting Styrofoam cups, it’s so difficult to click on them. It’s on regular release now so I got a broken xbox (who needs an optical drive anyways?!) and the controls are just as ultra fine, making looting kind of difficult.

      I dont think they can fix the fundamental lack of space travel. Which is a shame. I had been hoping for something on the level of Frontier Elite II at least.

      On the other hand, it’s clearly Bethesda, the engine does look good, the next fallout will be amazing.

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