Closing out 2021

Sometimes it snows in the tropics

Well to say the year has been a challenge would be an understatement. Perhaps the one thing that puts things into perspective is that we are all aware of the collective ‘suck’ at the moment. At the same time through the eyes of my children, employees and friends I see that despite the prevailing atmosphere of fear and uncertainty there is also the unbreakable optimism of tomorrow.

Sometimes it snows in the tropics.

No really. It does. Black swans are a thing. And sometimes all you need is the Imagineering will of a bubble machine, a fan and a tight mesh and the virtual snow will fall.

I have been so incredibly blessed these years as despite losing so much, having businesses implode, having to do layoffs, downsizing and shuttering stuff, I’ve also found new opportunities and been able to do what I can to softland the best I can, and more importantly push onwards.

I know it’s tough, especially when everyone is looking to you for the answers, and well, yeah it reminds me of an episode of STNG: Attached when Crusher realizes that Picard is human, and knows that he has to give the appearance of confidence and control despite having neither. Or as the millennials will say, fake it until you make it.

Starting new businesses in this environment has been an incredible challenge, along with maintaining the status quo. But like everything else in life, there is no ‘perfect time’ rather a window of opportunity where only the bold and crazy can and will step in and take the chance.

So while the kids enjoy their virtual snow, I’m chilling a dozen bottles of bubbley getting ready to ring in the new years.

Happy New Years!

3 thoughts on “Closing out 2021

  1. This past year has been hard for a lot of us, we had changed our routines or work environment, our relationships. It had changed the marketplace and the dynamics. We had to adapt and endure but I try to stay positive and hope that some good things will come out of all of this.
    I enjoy your blog and what you do, please continue, I now that its hard balancing work, family and personal life.
    I also sent you my best wishes for the future and good look.

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