GXemul 0.7.0 released!

Basically there is ONE update that makes it all worth while:

  • SCSI emulation in the LUNA-88K emulation mode, allowing OpenBSD/luna88k to run from a disk image. Previously, only root-on-nfs was possible.

I haven’t done any updates as of yet but for all you Linux users it’s worth while:


2 thoughts on “GXemul 0.7.0 released!

  1. Now if only a copy of the Luna’s OEM operating system UniOS would show up (it looks like at least one of the Japanese Luna collectors has a copy, but it’s not available to us mere mortals). Though, of course the emulator probably wouldn’t be able to run it. Even so, maybe it would be able to in future.

    • Stranger things have turned up, but when it comes to Japanese software it’s super hard to get anything. Even when in country.

      It’s a matter of it getting into the right hands to spread and preserve it. It probably won’t happen any time soon though.

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