Unix50 – Unix Today and Tomorrow: Future of Compute & Platforms: The Kernel

Also don't forget The Origin of Unix Panel Session followup.

So apparently Nokia owns what is left of Bell Labs, and they in turn own Unix...?

5 thoughts on “Unix50 – Unix Today and Tomorrow: Future of Compute & Platforms: The Kernel

  1. Growing up in the shadows of Bell Labs its weird to see that giant Nokia sign in front of the building. I remember when the black monolith AT&T signs were still up around that campus! Nokia managed to pick up the scraps of Alcatel, which had picked up Lucent a decade earlier (seems the company can’t last more then 10 years!). Of all the spin-offs over the years, it seems that the only one doing well is Avaya. They even managed to get a piece of Nortel in the end.

    • I just remembered the Motorola plant that made all the beepers and everyone swearing its where ‘blinky’ the 3 eye fish was from. I interviewed at Citrix but they were only willing to pay minimum wage.. So I took a support job at a world famous bank that issues their own credit cards.

      Maybe the wrong choice.. Or the wrong coast.

  2. Isn’t Nokia owned by some Chinese conglomerate now as well? Or was that just the phone side of their business and they’re still independent and working on something else? I seem to remember them working on car systems, similar to what RIM started doing after the Blackberry died.

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