Got some new processors!

Xeon E5-2667v2

Moved up from the old pair of E5-2620 v2’s to a pair of E5-2667 v2’s. What a big difference from a base clock of 2.1Ghz to 3.3Ghz. And yes, more cores!

2475 Cinebench score

And I can build DOSBox in 3 seconds using Visual C++ 6.0 Ultimate. I guess eventually I’ll get a modern machine, but for now this is pretty damned good. Which reminds me the newer processors for my 2006 Mac Pro should be arriving soon enough.

I couldn’t quite justify the more than double price for the E5-2697 v2 processor, although it has 50% more cores, but with a max clock of 3.5Ghz.

Oh well it’s as good as any update to the Huananzhi X79.

14 thoughts on “Got some new processors!

    • Ok here we go…

      Full: 100.0%, Elapsed: 1:00, Left: 0:00, Total: 1:00, 100%
      average leafs visible: 176
      max leafs visible: 518 near (384 2240 -768)
      c_chains: 78355363
      visdatasize: 270 kb compressed from 1992 kb

      Elapsed time : 1:00

      I ran this a few times, it’s always 1 minute exactly. Although it does use all 32 cores.

      vis -level 4 gmsp3v2.bsp
      average leafs visible: 176
      max leafs visible: 518 near (384 2240 -768)
      c_chains: 107429815
      visdatasize: 270 kb compressed from 1992 kb

      Elapsed time : 10:33
      State time : 0:01

      And this one takes forever using a single core. ..

        • I also picked up a pair of x5365’s for my 2006 MacPro. I haven’t done the installation yet as I know it’ll take a few hours to tear this thing down.

          But it’ll be a nice bump going from dual core 2Ghz Xeons to quad core 3Ghz!

          I doubt I’ll have this thing running in 2026, but it might be great to get it to at least 2020.

  1. Thank you for an interesting blog.

    Could you supply som actual power consumption rates for the upgraded X79 mcahing – both at rest, and working?

    Regards from Denmark

      • I am afraid I do not know.
        I would either use the danish equivalent of a “kill-a-watt” or look at my houses central power readout with the PC/Server on and off, and get the difference. But I have no idea if either of these options are available to you?

        • Neither are available. It’s a commercial area and I’ve never seen a meter, I just get the group rate. I just know I pay a fraction of what you guys in Europe pay so I’ve never even worried about it.

          • Okay, well thank for trying anyways. I will place an order of my own, and do some measurements. Probably on a dual socket Huananzhi with a pair of 2650v2’s.

          • I ended up With a Huananzhi X79-8D Mainbaord with two Xeon 2650v2, and 96 GB of RAM (6 x 16 GB DDR3 sticks).

            When running idle, with only a old GPU and a small SSD, the machine consumes 80-85 watt. At full load this increases to 200-250 watt.

            I just wanted to reply to my own question 🙂

        • I’m in the process of moving to a substantially larger office. I may get one once that is done around the end of the month. It’s been delayed as the air conditioning isn’t working.

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