When the best friend becomes an enemy, and the main villain becomes you yourself and blood flows like a river, someone will definitely have to answer the main question – Who is behind the awakening of ancient evil and is there still a chance for humanity?

PUBLISHER:Dagestan Technology

I saw this ‘gem’ pop up on steam for $3.50 HKD (so $0.50 USD?) and thought what the hell let’s try it out. SharpShooter3D is well, a DooM mod of sorts, but it also feels a lot like Duke3D with the inclusion of vehicles and ‘moving room/vehicles’ like train cars. At it’s heart is GZDoom 3.3.2 which states in the license:

Parts of the voxel code in the software renderer use code from the
BUILD engine by Ken Silverman and are used under the terms of the
GPL v3 with permission.

Well isn’t that cool! The best of Duke3D and Doom! All in one.

It captures the imagined feel of the eastern block, old factories, nuclear power plants, lots of guys in trainers & Adidas all over the place, along with copious alcohol and milk (yes milk is the health thing here!).

Not to mention the punk sound track is pretty good for such a seemingly ‘low end offer’. Had this come out 20 years ago, it really would have set the world on fire, and probably set off quite the few controversy, but today it’s a discount mod that no doubt the devs did put a bit of work into.

I have no idea if the game is 90% off for the rest of the world, but I’d say it’s worth a look at the price.

8 thoughts on “SharpShooter3D

  1. The guys on the cover are definitely skinheads by their clothing and their hair. The girl is a so called renee (skinhead-girl).
    SHARP = skinheads against racial prejudice, a long long existing group of skinheads.

    But sharps are not just against racial stuff, most of them are far leftwing and/or communist.

    Are you sure this isnt a nazi game?

    I really would like to hear the “punk” sound to identifiy it.

    • … at first look I missed something:
      The skinhead with the white shirt definitely wears a nazi symbol.

      It was used by german nazi party and later it was used by nazi skinheads and 100%-white groups. In the 80s and early 90s, when skinhead movement was at it’s peak, you could see it everywhere – tattoos, badges, tshirts, stickers, CD/LP covers, …

      This symbol is widely used by people calling themselves “everything but nazi”, but in fact they are all racists/nationalists/pro-segregation/pro-homicide-on-people.
      These people usually talk about themselves being pro-white, not against-black. Being pro-nation, not against open-borders. They try to talk as long until everything sounds not that horrible.
      Also often used by people calling themselves “Völkisch” (means being pro-your-own-ethnic) and religious people (old northern mythology).

      They all have two things in common: racism/segregation + violence.

      Don’t get me wrong, I am none of these Antifas starting a internet-campaign against someone, that breaks him/her down. I am not judging people by their views or interests. I am just very curious about this (now that I know about).

      • I thought it was just a peace symbol, one of the NPC’s is the ‘hippy type’.. hippies/hippy bus.

        Although it seems odd for so many also dressed up in old USSR stuff or the CCP shirts etc.

        And here I thought it was just some violent punk Duke/Doom hybrid. 😐

    • Honestly the thought had never crossed my mind.

      There were SHARP kids where I went to highschool although they were the usual ultra-violent and were seemingly more into self destruction. I never really paid them much mind TBH.

      I was more of a GIGTFO (Get in, Get the Fuck Out), I didn’t want to be in HS, or really around others for the matter so I did my best to avoid groups their weird cliques or whatever it was they were about.

  2. I grew up in a small place where there were no kids of any kind, just one per kind. There was one punk, one racist skinhead and a “Grufti” (some kind of gothic).
    I was interested in all those, but immediately learned that this is not my world when we started to talk.
    The self-destruction you mentioned was the main reason to stay away. Alcohol, drugs, hate, violence, … whatever their poison is named…

    Today I am a walking music-encyclopedia in these genres, but not involved with any of these subcultures or political groups.
    My girlfriend is a punk, looks like a twelve-colored heavily tattooed bird, but I do not even know half of her friends. I usually get into trouble when talking to them, telling them they are just drunken/drugged suckers trying to look like angry, dangerous persons.

    Would you do me a favour about the music you mentioned? Either find a track title in credits or somewhere or record the song(s) and send me on the mail address I entered here? Or upload somewhere?
    The chosen music will definitely give a hint of what kind the developers are.

    • Yeah their ‘self destruction’ thing was kind of amazing. That and when there was nobody to fight, they’d just fight each other. I can remember one rationalizing how he was the ‘good guy’ because he was a SHARP. I’m pretty sure he was arrested before the year was out so I never had to listen to him again.

      I honestly haven’t even thought of them since I left in ’92.

      In many ways it reminded me of ‘the young ones’, black flag or any of those other groups.

      I did a few searches and they are on I guess it’s some Russian social/anti-social network

  3. *
    forgot this: Only if the music has some sung lyrics. If it is only instrumental music I won’t be able to identify. If it is a existing band with singing I maybe recall the voice and find the name.

  4. Aaah there is a whole tracklist, but I cant find *any* of those bands or tracks or lyrics to it. Usually you can go on facebook pages or youtube and see their pictures or see the youtube-suggestions. If there are any swastikas or runes most likely it is right wing.
    The text there says it is all young, new bands. Maybe a bit further searching will show something.
    At least one band-name I found on a well known right wing music site, but I am pretty sure this is a different band, just same name, because this is end 80s/early 90s.

    When I click on those profiles I can see a lot of russian flags, but this means nothing. In Germany the is a “guilt cult” all around which prohibits using the flag or any other national symbols by moral. In other countries it is not a big deal to show where you are from.

    I am still not sure what the intention of this game is. Looks almost like those racist mini games floating around the net and I am pretty sure, wheter this game is or not, these people will like it.

    >That and when there was nobody to fight, they’d just fight each other.
    HAHA, I clearly remember one night and this memory will never fade…
    I was with the racist skinhead to a pub ~50km from my home. There was a big birthday party. They were all singing along a song from a german band (in bad english):
    “…. Why we’re fighting each other, we’re all of blood and honour ….”
    A few hours later the whole pub was trashed, everyone had serious injuries and when the cops came, we all said, there was a raid done by another political group. Everyone was drinking again with each other. I lost a half of one of my front teeth and had lips big like a balloon.
    I never figured out why this fight started and was really pissed of because of my injuries, but no one wanted to hear. “Well, thats life” they said. So much wasted energy and life-time…

    I am happy that I haven’t got any further into this than just a few partys. I met the guy, who brought me there, a few years later. He was with them for a long time and there was no way of getting out besides moving far away. He didn’t want to tell what happened to him, but it sounded bad, the bit he was telling.

    In fact these memories are about bad things/people/ideas. But remembering this today feels like good memories. Despite the trouble I had, it was much fun. And I never got into that political shit, so in conclusion I can’t say they did something wrong/bad to me.

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