Stanford uploads 111 lectures by Donald Knuth.

This is pretty cool! I didn’t know they were recording stuff back in 1980!

Stanford has a nice playlist here.

Naturally it’s full of TeX & Mathematical writing, along with trees and other ‘fun’ CS stuff.

While we are overall drowning in cat videos, and other uh ‘multimedia’ content, it’s still amazing the wealth of information that is available to the world (well the part of the world that can view YouTube).

I have no idea what the licensing is, but it’d be such a shame if it was hosted on additional platforms to make them available to the larger world.

3 thoughts on “Stanford uploads 111 lectures by Donald Knuth.

  1. I’m a little annoyed by the extremely low quality of these videos. In a fair bunch of them you can’t even make out what he writes on the blackboard or transparent because of the low resolution. It’s as if these were digitized in the 90s using the worst possible resolution (320×240?) and codec, and not much thought was put into their presentation today.

    • They probably used something like a Macintosh Qudra 600av to digitize. They do remind me a bit like QuickTime 1993. I’m sure they had them in some ‘online multimedia repository’ thing.

  2. I used JDownloader to get all the video and audios along. It is 50GB all in all, 37GB of video and 13GB of audio.
    I am afraid of uploading it elsewhere, maybe Stanford goes for sueing me, if I do?

    I think obvious hosters are and vimeo.

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