MSDN from October 1994

I picked this 20 disc set recently and ugh the cringe is just… insane.  And yes, that is Bill Nye


STUDS from Microsoft .
(Video in MPEG-1/Audio MPEG-2 care of JSMpeg).

I had this ages ago, although I couldn't remember if the NT 3.5 SDK/DDK had shown up at this point, but it's only the Japanese version in this set.  Since I'm having such a PITA in tracking down a 3.5 set, and I'm not sitting on this, I may as well archive it.

Yes, I had to rip 20 of these!

So you too can find the early Video for Windows, and all kinds of other things from the mid '90's on

Or Wallpapers like this 'puppy' from the Japanese version of Windows 3.1

18 thoughts on “MSDN from October 1994

  1. VFW (Video For Windows 1.0) was introduced in November’1992 and initially supported two codecs only: Microsoft RLE and Video1 (licensed from MediaVision).

    • I just remember the wind surfer, and lots of stock footage.

      Video was ultra primative back then. And oddly enough, Windows 10 won’t play any of the old Avi stuff, I had to use VNC.

      Such a shame

  2. I’ve tried AVI files from this MSDN (ADD_16BIT and VFWSAMPLE) with K-Lite codec pack and MediaPlayer Classic on the Windows 7 Pro. All videos are OK.

    ADD_16BIT/WIN32/VFW/MULTILNG/MULTILING.AVI contains 7(!) audiotracks in different languages (selectable in MediaPlayer Classic).

  3. A friend of mine has one of the 1995 releases of this. I really should ask to borrow it again because I think it had NT 3.1 and3.5 SDKs in it. I never returned his April 96 MSDN “SDKs and OSes (US Versions only)” bundle. Oddly this one has a general “Win32 SDK” CD in it dated Jan 1996. DDKs were in a seperate pack. Its too new to have NT 3.5 though, only has NT 3.51 and NT 4 beta.

    • This has NT 3.1 and Service Pack 2. I need to check release dates but I thought 3.5 was late 94, but it must be early 95.

      I guess I can also try to see if VC 1.10 plays well with the 3.51 SDK…

  4. Is it a problem of my browser or is the whole video almost all green? I can hardly recognize the shapes of the bodies and see faces only if camera is directly on ’em…

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