As requested, PCem v11 with networking

via SLiRP

via SLiRP

injecting networking was no more difficult than it was in version 10.  It’s only a few changes to pc.c, if you look at the USENETWORKING define you’ll see them.  The best notes are on the forum.

I haven’t changed or improved anything it still requires manual configuration.

Downloads are available on my site as pcem_v11_networking.7z.  You’ll have to defeat the password protection, as always.  I included the source, it ought to be trivial to rebuild.

*For anyone using an old version the ‘nvr’ directory is missing, so PC-em is unable to create new non volatile ram save files, meaning you always loose your BIOS settings.  Sorry I missed that one.

22 thoughts on “As requested, PCem v11 with networking

  1. Hi Neozeed!

    please read mails 🙂 DosBOX is now superior \o/ (runs qnx4 demofloppy with networking)
    does pcem support slip or ppp (or even modem handshaking?), ot at least some bidirectional connection method for emulated serial ports?

  2. I have a strange expirience made with your PCem version.
    This version has problems with the year 2016 (even in BIOS settings), but I guess it isn’t related with the year, instead, it’s related with CMOS memory handling.
    The BIOS setup is not saved, you can try hard and “Save & Exit” BIOS settings more than once, still every hard reset/new start of PCem will result in CMOS settings error message.

  3. Is the 64-bit version of PCem v11 with networking support?

    It doesn’t work, because of a missing produce entry point SymSetScoreFromAddr in dbghelp.dll which killed Windows Vista support. 🙁

    I did use earlier versions of PCem with networking support and it did work under Windows Vista. I was hoping to find a way to fix this.

  4. One note for the BIOS error… do you guys have a nvr folder under your pcem folder? PCem doesn’t seems to create the folder by itself. I can save my changes without any problems.

  5. Thanks for your network version. It is awesome!
    just for report
    IBM AT(286) + NE2000 Packet driver works very well.

    IBM XT(8088) + NE2000 Packet driver doesn’t work.
    IBM XT(8088) + 8-bit mod NE2000 Packet driver doesn’t work too.

    loading packet driver shows message:
    System: 8088/8086 process, ISA bus
    Packet driver software interrupt is 0x60 (96)
    I/O port 0x330 (816)
    My Ethernet address is AC:DE:48:88:BB:AA

    mTCP ping shows message:
    Time out waiting for ARP response.

    PS. about the 8-bit mod NE2000 packet driver :

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