As requested, PCem v11 with networking

via SLiRP

via SLiRP

injecting networking was no more difficult than it was in version 10.  It’s only a few changes to pc.c, if you look at the USENETWORKING define you’ll see them.  The best notes are on the forum.

I haven’t changed or improved anything it still requires manual configuration.

Downloads are available on my site as pcem_v11_networking.7z.  You’ll have to defeat the password protection, as always.  I included the source, it ought to be trivial to rebuild.

*For anyone using an old version the ‘nvr’ directory is missing, so PC-em is unable to create new non volatile ram save files, meaning you always loose your BIOS settings.  Sorry I missed that one.

22 thoughts on “As requested, PCem v11 with networking

  1. Hi Neozeed!

    please read mails 🙂 DosBOX is now superior \o/ (runs qnx4 demofloppy with networking)
    does pcem support slip or ppp (or even modem handshaking?), ot at least some bidirectional connection method for emulated serial ports?

    • Nice! I don’t think PCem has any real support for serial ports other than the mice. It should be able to handle them though

  2. I have a strange expirience made with your PCem version.
    This version has problems with the year 2016 (even in BIOS settings), but I guess it isn’t related with the year, instead, it’s related with CMOS memory handling.
    The BIOS setup is not saved, you can try hard and “Save & Exit” BIOS settings more than once, still every hard reset/new start of PCem will result in CMOS settings error message.

  3. Is the 64-bit version of PCem v11 with networking support?

    It doesn’t work, because of a missing produce entry point SymSetScoreFromAddr in dbghelp.dll which killed Windows Vista support. 🙁

    I did use earlier versions of PCem with networking support and it did work under Windows Vista. I was hoping to find a way to fix this.

  4. This version has problems with the year 2016 (even in BIOS settings)

    Can confirm, can someone please post on pcem forum about that?

  5. This version has problems with the year 2016 (even in BIOS settings)

    Can confirm, can someone please post a bug on pcem forum about that?

  6. One note for the BIOS error… do you guys have a nvr folder under your pcem folder? PCem doesn’t seems to create the folder by itself. I can save my changes without any problems.

  7. Thanks for your network version. It is awesome!
    just for report
    IBM AT(286) + NE2000 Packet driver works very well.

    IBM XT(8088) + NE2000 Packet driver doesn’t work.
    IBM XT(8088) + 8-bit mod NE2000 Packet driver doesn’t work too.

    loading packet driver shows message:
    System: 8088/8086 process, ISA bus
    Packet driver software interrupt is 0x60 (96)
    I/O port 0x330 (816)
    My Ethernet address is AC:DE:48:88:BB:AA

    mTCP ping shows message:
    Time out waiting for ARP response.

    PS. about the 8-bit mod NE2000 packet driver :

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