So I was crazy, and updated from Windows 7 to 10

Yes. I know.

Ok first off Windows 10 was not activating.  In the control panel it’d mention the error:

Error code: 0x8007232B Cannot activate Windows 10

Good thing we’re back to crap error codes. But google to the rescue, and I found this article.

Run “SLUI 3” as administrator, and use the following product key: PBHCJ-Q2NYD-2PX34-T2TD6-233PK

windows 10 activated

Then re-run the activation and all is well.

Also the upgrade tries to leave things like device drivers in place.  Sounds good but nothing I had game or AV wise would work properly.  And worse anything OpenGL/D3D based would actually crash the system out.  So I went and removed all of the old NVidia, drivers I could find, along with everything else driver related, re-ran windows update and rebooted and it’s working again!

Sadly old games on Steam that use DOSBox seem to be failing…

dosbox crashNo idea why just yet.  But of course I can just go and get a newer version of DOSBox.

VMware’s networking won’t work at all, no matter what you do.  I had to uninstall & re-install to get my networking back.  That even includes the builtin NAT (non VMnet8). However bridging physical NIC’s doesn’t work.

I’ll probably add more stuff as I find it.

Now why the interest in Windows 10?  It’s those $100 USD Windows 8.1 tablets.  Surface was just too expensive, but a $100 tablets, such as the Toshiba Encore Mini WT7-C16MS, HP Stream 7 and Pipo W4 really could change the game as it were by lowering the cost of ownership of a computer.  Make no mistake these are quad core x86 processors, running real Windows.

Looking back years ago and spending far more for a 286 I had to assemble in parts, back in 1991 an AT clone keyboard cost me more than $100.  Amazing times indeed!


4 thoughts on “So I was crazy, and updated from Windows 7 to 10

    • I’m on 9841, the one I downloaded from Microsoft… Isn’t 9888 kind of uh… Unofficial?

      There is some UI nits here and there, but as much as I like to hold onto Windows 7, 10 feels a billion times better than my brief time using 8.0

      • sssh, no one has to know 🙂

        bugs I’ve noticed were a BSoD on shutdown, activation not needed but a bit haywire, explorer sometimes needs a dance to get the start menu working…

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