I have no idea why the networking in Basilisk II keeps stalling

And it is quite frustrating.  The most I can do is about 100MB worth of AppleTalk traffic, or 1.5GB of TCP/IP then the receive function EtherReadPacket just stop being called, and then the whole thing stalls out.

I don’t really ‘like’ my solution, but it does work.  I went ahead and chained the EtherInterrupt function to the 60Hz timer to ensure it’ll fire, and it seems to be working. The good thing is now I’m getting ~200K/sec using pcap or SLiRP.  So things are faster!

Then after scanning the changelog, I found this interrupt patch, and it doubled my throughput on the network to over 400K/sec!

427K/sec via SLiRP

427K/sec via SLiRP

So now I can copy about 350MB worth of data in about 5-7 minutes, and it doesn’t stall out.

357MB worth of AppleTalk

357MB worth of AppleTalk

I can now copy hundreds of MB worth of stuff from one AT server to another.

What is also surprising is that by using Internet Explorer 4.0.1 for MacOS, I get speeds of around 1.0Mb/sec(with as high as 1.6!)

Internet Explorer 4.0.1 screaming along

Internet Explorer 4.0.1 screaming along

I know IE has always had a bum rap, but it really is a better legacy browser on MacOS.

I also merged the scsi driver’s buffer with BasiliskII’s buffer so the scatter/gather can now handle the absurd requests of 4MB++ worth of reads in one swoop.

8 thoughts on “I have no idea why the networking in Basilisk II keeps stalling

    • I loved ie 5 on osx, and it was a shame ms dropped it. Worse when Rosetta was ended killing it off forever.

      It’s kind of funny that ie was my favorite browser of the era, just not on windows.

      I want to do my blog in some fashion that’ll render in ie 4. The sql tables of WordPress aren’t that complicated.

    • Use Cockatrice III wtih WinPcap. Its networking is somewhat faster, works on 64-bit Windows 7, and doesn’t crash every 10 seconds. The Basilisk network driver is a an outdated mess and really really slow particularly with DDP AppleTalk. We’re talking 5 minutes to transfer a 3MB file! A real Mac connected via LocalTalk (230kbps) is faster!

      Regarding Windows 10. I haven’t had much success getting emulated networking working with the more modern NPCAP in “WinPCap Compatible Mode”

      • I’ve been thinking of the tun/ tap stuff and software bridges but I fear it may be too high of a bar for normal users.

        There must be some better way to do nic injection, although I don’t think Microsoft really is all that open with their hyperv for 3rd party stuff

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