OS/2 2.0 in Office Space

Yes, that Office Space, the thrilling movie about TPS reports, staplers, arson and embezzlement.

I’ve always known it was there, but only now felt like pointing out the OS/2 2.0 in the money laundering part.

Prop OS/2 2.0 box.

Prop OS/2 2.0 box.

I think this is about all the screen time OS/2 2.0 ever really got.

10 thoughts on “OS/2 2.0 in Office Space

  1. There is an episode of Law & Order where they are using a computer with OS/2 2.0 on it and the box sitting right next to the screen.

    I have the episode recorded on my DVR. I just haven’t figured out which one it is.

  2. Was watching the Office Space movie tonight for umpteenth time. But this time I noticed an out-of-focus OS/2 box in one scene. Did web search to see if others have noticed and ended up here.

  3. OS/2 Warp is in GoldenEye, most prominently in a scene where the villain’s lair is burning to the ground. I have no idea who in marketing wants to associate their product with that environment, but it’s quite visible.

    • Probably a product of the people behind the nun ads. I wonder if 1.x made any appearance in anything?

      I guess Microsoft learned with all the cringe-tastic surface astroturfing in the NFL.

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