Qemu & SunOS 4.1.4

SunOS 4.1.4 was the last version of the BSD based SunOS for the SPARC platform.  I had received an email earlier asking if Qemu could run SunOS.  Earlier it was ‘capable’ however there were issues with the serial ports.  And the framebuffer stuff that the SUN Proms recognized was never mainlined (please tell me I’m wrong?).

But then with a quick google search I came across this wikibook page with detailed instructions on how to install SunOS 4.1.4.


SunOS on Qemu 1.7.0rc2

So I quickly built a sparc version of Qemu 1.7.0rc2, and followed the instructions.  I was amazed that now we are able to boot off the CD (still attached as a HD though) but label the main hard disk, and install SunOS.  I have to say it is very impressive.

Another hint I came across is the more correct way to boot the Sparc Station 20’s

-bios /usr/local/share/qemu/ss20_v2.25_rom -M SS-20 -smp 2,cores=4 -cpu “TI SuperSparc 60”

Sadly there is no graphical output, but the PROM won’t crash.  I think you can have 512MB of ram on the SS-20.

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    • Even when they were new, I always found SCSI stuff to be rather finicky. I remember my first SCSI disk, a monster of a drive, 700MB 5 1/4″ full height, only ran correctly with no terminating resistors on the drive & the card on my old Trantor T-128. But the Trantor T-130b card did need the resistors….

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