5 thoughts on “Old BBS Documentary

  1. Nice catch.
    Nowadays people just recycle these old and cool concepts – social interaction? facebook? forums? Done ! via BBS.
    Online shopping? Ebay? Trading with users? Done! via BBS.
    News? Reuters? Stock market? (almost) live feeds? Done! via BBS.
    File sharing? warez? torrents? Done! via BBS.

    And a LOT more..

    Good ol’ times.

    • PPP and Mosaic made everything new again.. Not to mention the rise of general 32bit home computers, and of course the whole free software movement.. A free OS including networking, compilers, and multiuser capabilities was inconceivable back in the ‘shareware’ days… Even Windows became more and more usable!

      I’m sure people would be shocked with the Windows/386 days, no 32bit apps, no TCP/IP! No INTERNET!!! What would you use it for? lol

    • Back then Windows Terminal was the IE of the world… you’d only use it to download something better.. What sucked is that it’d tease you with the possibility of multitasking, but vendors were always using 8250’s or 16450’s never any good UARTs…

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