offtopic, transit of Venus is tomorrow!

So basically this is a once in a lifetime event to catch Venus passing in between Earth and the Sun from our POV.  Sigh I wish I had a scope, but I guess I can always use an iPhone???

6 thoughts on “offtopic, transit of Venus is tomorrow!

  1. Caught it. Started around midnight (local time)[*], no clouds whatsoever, perfect conditions. Watched it for nearly three hours, took some pictures. I gaffa-taped my binoculars to my camera tripod, hammered together some pieces of wood to resemble a canvas easel and taped a sheet of paper on that, and placed it a foot or so behind the binoculars. Then I had a display of the sun which I could safely watch&photograph. Could see Venus, and some sunspots.

    [*]69+ deg. north. So time of day or night is not an issue.

      • Well, not sure where to upload.. I don’t have (or want) accounts on those traditional places like picasa or flicker. Not to mention FFB. Anyway, you’ll find way better pictures on the web now, taken with better equipment. Pictures of my setup would possibly be more interesting, at least for a laugh! 🙂


  2. I posted this to even remind myself… naturally I finished what work I had, and it was an exceptionally shitty day and went to sleep at 6pm.


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