Qemu 1.1.0 released…

Of the features, this one counts:

  • Sockets and SLIRP on Windows hosts was broken in 0.14 and works again.

I haven’t even attempted to build it yet, but it’ll be nice to have networking again.

Source is here.

14 thoughts on “Qemu 1.1.0 released…

  1. I just got word from BlackWingcat over at MSFN that the build that I downloaded from the link abouve requires SSE3 instructions (aka a dual-core CPU) and I believe that there are still a lot of Windows XP SP1+ and Linux users that are using Qemu on a processor without SSE3 support. 🙁

    I was hoping that it could get fixed in the official Windows build soon.

    • Try running configure with this parameter:


      This should enable the interpreted backend, which ought to work on any cpu.. Of course it’ll be much slower.

      • Enabling the -enable-tcg-interpreter didn’t work.

        And when I looked into the files of qemu(-system-386) and qemu-img, the code size was reduced significantly. The code size for Qemu 1.1 was reduced by 2.25 MB and the size for qemu-img image creation utility was reduced by 164 KB.

        I wonder what went wrong here. 🙁

        • don’t know… so strange, I wonder if its the flags of the compiler screwing things up…?

          its strange in that they bill that TCG interpreter as being able to pretty much run on anything, although poorly.

          Also I dont see how qemu-img would change in size, I didn’t think it did anything CPU wise…

          • I was too wondering if the flags in the compiler screwed up.

            As for qemu-img, you’re not to blame here. In short, it looks like that two of the Qemu binaries appeared to be malformed somehow.

    • I’m gonna try to make a build of Qemu in a Windows XP VMware VM to get it working correctly. I will need to find some instructions on how to build it o the Windows platform. 🙂

  2. Okay. The final version of Qemu 1.1 is out now! I tested the latest version on my Win2K with UURollup v11 and it’s working great so far!

    You might want to either update or post a new blog about it.

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