Beats by DrDre

A typical 'beats' user trying to look smarmy.

First of all let me say I’m sick of the spam I’m getting for this crap.  Second of all ‘Dr Dre’ isn’t even a physician.  Instead he just hires wankers in the media to hock his overpriced headphones.

Really who buys audio equipment from someone who tries to pass themselves off as a physician, who doesn’t know the first thing about the inner workings of the ear?

What makes it even better is the paring of such audiophile nonsense with star power, in the hopes of bigger and better sales.

Justin Beiber Approved!

I mean really, who on earth would buy this crap?

This must be brought to you by the same people that make the ‘super SATA cables’ that magically improved the playback of MP3’s. Sheesh.

It really comes as no surprise that these “high end wankophile” electronics are manufactured by none other than…

Monster. What a surprise!

Indeed it just goes to show that some old ‘stars’ from the 80’s will whore themselves out to no end for whatever shitty ‘audiphile’ product, because a dollar is a dollar, meanwhile in the rush for some bucks they team up with Beiber. lol.

 The only thing missing here is beats for Dre’s wallet, and of course the insane in the brain special edition to anyone who buys anything from Monster.

So there you go, I’ve reviewed your shitty product “dr” Dre, now leave me the fuck alone!

4 thoughts on “Beats by DrDre

    • lol so true…. that is north american “entertainment” … 😐 The best part is that after writing this I didn’t see any more ‘beats’ nonsense but 25++ spam posts for ugg boots.

      ugg indeed!

  1. I’ll tell you who buys it, HTC! It is trying to sell its low audio quality with low quality headphones…

    Some people in China even ran their new “beats” phone through some frequency analyzer and found the equalization curve of “normal” setting is totally out of whack, so that “beats” setting would sound good in comparison. (So sit next to a fatso in the class, and no one will ever notice you that you are also quite overweight?)

    For those who are interested in getting some real quality sound, I can’t recommend Etymotic Research’s ER-4P and ER-4S enough. They are simply amazing, and I’ve been comparing them to some larger and more expensive (with good reputation in audiophile circles) headphones, and it still give them a good run for the money.

    The other great feature of ER-4 series is that they are BUTT UGLY and small, so that not many people will notice you have left a $200USD earphone on the table. Even if they did, they will think it is a $2USD earphone that is not worth stealing. 😛

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