Qemu user forum down yet again…

http://qemu-forum.ipi.fi/ is dead.  It’s been dead for ever a week now so I guess someone will have to step in and do something… lol.

So maybe I should take up the torch as it were.

I’m not all that happy with the setup but hell I may as well do something with superglobalmegacorp.com.


No doubt I’ll have to rethink the layout it is too much..  And at the same time really not enough.  I also added some SIMH stuff but again I don’t know if that is too much?




17 thoughts on “Qemu user forum down yet again…

  1. You’ve already got one spammer on the new forum.. after I joined there’s only one more (as of this moment) and his user page is just a link to his tatoo downloading site and occupation/interests fields are just Russian sentences urging you to go to that link.
    (I would have PM’ed but it seems I can’t PM in the forum).

    Spammers are really trying to destroy forums left and right these days.

    • I got suspicious right away because the user had entered his birthday as the same day as he registered (today), so the ‘Congratulations’ message came up. How likely is that? Sounds like a bot to just fill in today’s date. So I looked over the user entry.

      • There’s another one today.. Birthday today (to get on the front page), and user’s page has a weblink to a poker site. Seems to be a new strategy. Is there a way to edit or remove them? (Hm, I should really post something so that I get PMs enabled and can communicate via the forum! :-))

  2. I contacted Pablo, the host of the forum, he said he would sort things out shortly but I had no recent replies from him. Time to look for a new host. I miss the qemu forum.

  3. Due to lack of interest from the maintainersof Qemu, I have decided to setup an unofficial mailing list for qemu users.

    Description: This unofficial mailing list is a place for users of QEMU, a processor emulator that relies on dynamic binary translation to achieve a reasonable speed while being easy to port on new host CPU architectures.

    Also welcome are kvm and qemu-kvm users. If your question is specific to kvm, please prepend a relevant tag [kvm] or [qemu-kvm] to the subject.

    It is also a good idea to specify the host and guest architecture and the qemu version in the body of your message.

    This yahoo group can be used as either a web forum or a pure mailing list.

    To subscribe to the mailing list just send a blank email to:
    [email protected]
    You will be given the option to join the mailing list only.

    To use it as web forum go to:
    and click “Join this group”.

  4. Maybe if some stuff is in google cache, that is about as good as its going to get…. Maybe also the internet archive… Other than that, I’m afraid its lost.

  5. hello

    i want to run xen on qemu..is there options (in qemu) that allow me to run xen with dom0 and domu on qemu ..( like -kernel and -initrd when we run the linux kernel ) … or any other method may help me

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