7 thoughts on “BSD 4.2 on SIMH

      • yes this is for wince x86 as my wince phone is just so much slower, and it is so much more involved uploading exe’s and whatnot. Because I need a *LOT* of storage (well in the world of windows ce) I could not use the emulator so I instead had to rely on the ‘CEPC’ target from the platform tools for CE.

        What kind of ‘sucked’ for me was that MS makes it impossible to build x86 binaries in the CE GUI stuff, so I had to build projects then manually alter the makefiles to build cli style to give me x86 binaries…

        Anyways the whole thing came about as people on the SIMH mailing list were wanting some kind of embedded solution, and this was my effort but it basically fell flat as what they really were looking for was a 1GB linux “embeded” type thing, not something that has the word Windows in it.

        You may want to get it running on the CE images that I did provided in that directory to get an idea of how much hell is involved to get it running…

  1. I don’t know if the author of this post will read my comment, but I would like to download the SIMH emulator for Windows CE x86 (CEPC).
    Also, I remember that there used to be a website:
    Where the WindowsCE directory was located under /old/install/. Is there a mirror of this website or a backup of the files from this directory?

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