Nethack for Windows CE (x86)

So after struggling like CRAZY on trying to build nethack for Windows CE, it came down to two posts out there….

Thanks to some people in Russia, and Google translate, I found some explicit instructions on building Nethack…

Which spelt out that you need Visual C++ 6.0 to create the dependancies, then use embedded Visual C++ 3.0 to build, which the snag there, is that I was foolishly using 4.0 service packed to level 4, which stripped out support for the SH4 cpu…!

Thankfully, the site hpcfactor, maintains a download for embedded VC 3.0, and I was able to churn out an exe for the emulator. Then tearing it appart, I was able to replicate the build using Platform Builder 2.11 to create a native x86 executable.

So after all that work, here it is!

NetHack for WindowsCE x86

NetHack for WindowsCE x86


For those people on x86 machines, or using the CEPC platform, here is the exe, datafile, and finally the source code.

This is what I’m hoping I can manipulate for SIMH…

Nethack on CE text

Nethack on CE text

Textmode in graphics…

One thought on “Nethack for Windows CE (x86)

  1. sadly the morons at are convinced that WindowsCE x86 binaries are viruses which need to be hunted down and destroyed.

    unknown_exe not yet detected by scanners as malware, but high risk!

    good grief.

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