Some random updates…

I just got back from a trip, so here is a quick shot of the 8″ diskette of Zork 1 for CP/M… I put it against my keyboard for some sense of scale.. It’s MASSIVE.

Zork 1 on an 8" floppy disk

Zork 1 on an 8″ floppy disk

I also found this Infocom interpeter written in Turbo Pascal, written by Martin Korth. It was written for Turbo Pascal 4.0, but I’ve built it with 5.5 and 7.0 without issues.

A friend of mine pointed me towards this new emulator PCE that looks very promising.. It boots off real IBM ROMS! Right now it’s 8086/80186 capable, but it’s still VERY cool.

Word is the author is working on Sparc32, ARM & PPC emulation… It looks very cool.

Thats about it for me!

2 thoughts on “Some random updates…

  1. I was Googling around for Pascal Z-Machine implementations, and came across your post regarding Martin Korth’s Pascal implementation. I was hoping to port that to Delphi, but cannot find a copy of the code anywhere. Do you happen to still have it?

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