Toledo 8080 emulator!

While googling around on various i8080 CPU emulators, I came across this post, from the 19th IOCCC. Best of Show winner, Óscar Toledo.

Simply put, it’s amazing, 3.5kb of source that emulates not only an 8080 CPU, but a basic environment capable of running CP/M.

That’s right. 3.5k!!

I’ve found it runs great with either the SUA/SFU environment for Windows, and Linux x86.

Toledo2 running on Vista's SUA Unix emulation.

Toledo2 running on Vista’s SUA Unix emulation.

Anyways it doesn’t work on the Sparc QEMU thing, nor my m68k NeXT cube… But hell it’s amazing to watch this thing in action. If you have the right setup you should check it out!

Also today, a copy of Zork 1 for CP/M on 8″ diskette arrived! I’ll have to take some photos of it later.

6 thoughts on “Toledo 8080 emulator!

  1. Thanks for the heads up on Toledo, I'm certainly impressed. Got CP/M running on it, it's been 20 years since the last time.. 🙂

  2. Actually it was more like 27 years ago when I think about it.. it's incredible that this one-page piece of code can run it, anyway.

  3. There is no doubt about it, this little program is AMAZING!

    There is no doubt why he won the best of show for this..

    I'm tempted to load it through a preprocessor, then some kind of C 'beautifier' to see if the code would make sense… it's certainly the smallest 8080 cpu core I've ever seen!

    • You need a little endian Unix like environment.

      You would have to tell more about what you are running, and how you are trying to run it.

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